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How it all began:

At the age of 10, I was a big bookworm. With a flashlight under the covers, I devoured Karl May and other adventure stories.
America was my dream, the wild west and the wilds of Alaska have fascinated me even then. From my hobby was taking pictures then later also my profession. I accompanied her on many corporate executive traveling with my camera. So I got to see the world.
Later, my interest from the great navigator James Cook was awakened in the 18 Jhrh. circumnavigated the world in three great voyages. My desire to travel in the footsteps of Captain Cook met, then.
The first major targets were the North of Canada (North-West Territories), Alaska (Kodiak), the west and the southwestern United States.
In Western Canada B.C. I learned on a tour of the emigrants and Gisela Bernward Kalbhenn know who fulfilled a dream here and run a guest lodge. Several times I had visited her, e.g. in the harsh Canadian winter.
South Africa impressed me by the varied wildlife and Namibia, with impressive landscapes, such as The oldest sand dunes in the world.
Three months, I traveled through Australia to the northern tip of Cape York, where Captain Cook landed (Torres Strait, Iceland). New Zealand, Chile and Easter Island followed in subsequent years.
For the company I traveled to South America, i.e. Guatemala, Tierra del Fuego to Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia and Venezuela (Orinoco Delta).
Also, the goals for South-East Asia are unforgettable for me. Hong Kong, Thailand, Burma (Myanmar), Vietnam, Cambodia and Japan.
Wonderful photos were taken on my trip through the Eastern U.S.. The Indian Summer was full of colorful woods a dream of every photographer.
More trips are planned: India and Peru in the spring and in autumn Galappagos islands.
On the many trips I met different people with their culture and tradition. Impressive portraits of Native people, Inuit and Aboriginal emerged. The bizarre mountain landscapes, adventurous trails to gravel roads (Carretera Austral, Chile), shimmering green-blue lakes, snow-capped mountains and glaciers, dense jungles and fabulous beaches gave me a reason, my best pictures issue here.

PS: My thanks to my friends and donors Order Horst Steppie (AVA) and Walter boiler (Bonner Academy), a large part of this wonderful journeys have organized and conducted.